Advantages comparison to "the state-of-art" S_O_C_I_A_L = acronym.....????

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  1. With your motivation we will do things better! (Frank Grimm CONSIDEO GmbH 2011)
  2. The intelligent organisation: how to setup an inhouse social network and internet communities for your organisation. (Prezi - Powerpoint Presentation)
  3. S_O_C_I_A_L (visual Presentation)
  4. Organisation und Kreativitaet. Ein Widerspruch? (Prezi - Powerpoint Presentation)
  5. Aufbau einer neuen Kommunikationskultur als strategische Aufgabe: einfach aber wirkungsvoll! (Frank Grimm CONSIDEO GmbH 2011 18pages PDF)


Key advantages

  1. Stimulating: The right mix of interation stimuli, a social `personality` that fits your companies requirements.
  2. Organic: The ability to allow self-organization. No fixed-structures, free grouping, sozial tagging etc.
  3. Collaborative: Peer-to-peer, as asynchronous and stigmergic collaboration and communication tools.
  4. Intelligent: Smart aggregation mechanismus and collaborative filters to use the wisdom of the crowd.
  5. Adapted: to the crowd (your employees and/or customers) and to the process it needs to leverage.
  6. Linked: Integrated with outside social platforms and other corporatesystems. No social platform is an island.

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